[linket] is a patented blockchain technology connecting an app user to others OUTSIDE the app.

It solves 2 problems. Apps assume users install by searching the app store. There are 2 million apps in Android and iPhone. Many look similar. It is easy to pick the wrong app. And suppose a user wants to interact with you in the app after she successfully (?) installed it. In the app she searches for you. Also error prone.

[linket] avoids both searches. In a few clicks users interact with you in the app, even if they don’t currently have the app.

If you are a gamer, others can watch you play (esports). Or a person picks your [linket] to play you. Two ways to make money.

If you have a gig, customers find you more easily. Even if you change apps.

See a video of a gamer using her linket.

More info.

LinketTM is a C Corporation in Delaware.