Linket Customers
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[linket] is a patented blockchain technology connecting an app user to others outside the app.

What is this about? There are 2 problems. First. Most multiuser apps assume users have already installed the app, by manually going to the app store and searching for the app. But every step is a source of error. There are 2 million apps in Android and iPhone. Many apps in the same field have similar descriptions and images in the app store. It is easy to err and pick the wrong app.

Second. Suppose a user wants to interact with you in the app after she successfully installed. In the app, she has to search the users to find you. Also error prone.

[linket] lets users avoid both manual searches. With a few clicks, they can interact with you in the app, even if they don’t currently have the app.

A linket is like a web domain. Your linket lets others interact with you in a mobile app you picked. You do not build the app. Unlike a website you own.

If you are a gamer, your linket lets others watch you play (esports). Or a person can pick your linket to play you. Two ways to make money.

If you are a gig worker, you schedule work directly with interested customers and maintain a closer connection.

Check our video of a gamer using her linket.

LinketTM is a C Corporation in Delaware.