A Trilingual Pun

Demi Moore Vanity Fair

The cover is famous. Demi Moore in her third trimester. Alas the editors missed the chance of a lifetime for a trilingual pun. The title is More Demi Moore. It should have been Sesqui More.

Why? Three languages are used. Demi is Greek for half. Replace this by Sesqui, which is Latin for one and a half. Moore becomes the English More, for extra. The title now means one and a half extra. Looking at her condition and granting some literary licence, you can see this.

Why is this a pathetic fallacy? It is the idea that a person’s mood is reflected by and indeed causes his surroundings. A man is depressed and walking outside. The weather is gloomy. The fallacy is that this mere mortal’s mind can affect the nature around him. See again the cover and use the title Sesqui More. Or indeed use Demi More. (Half extra.) In either case, she and her name are the same thing. A rare and temporary coincidence of her gravid condition. If we conflate her name with her mood and herself with nature, then we get a nice analog of the usual pathetic fallacy.