Dead Crypto Meetups

Want to see symptoms of fading cryptocurrencies? Meetup had hundreds of blockchain and crypto groups formed worldwide. In Los Angeles many have shut down. Twenty at last count (September 2018). This list shows the groups and when they closed.

DTLA Blockchain ICO Development — Dec 2017

Blockchain, cryptocurrency & startup networking in Hollywood — Jan 2018

Los Angeles Crypto Currency Meetup — Mar 2018

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency Workshop — May 2018

Falcon Horst Advanced Blockchain — Jun 2018

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wealth — Jun 2018

making360: Blockchain + XR (VR/AR/MR)–Jun 2018

North Hollywood Blockchain/Cryptocurrency/Fintech Meetup–Jun 2018

CryptoStache Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Club — Jul 2018

LA Elastos Meetup — Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech — Jul 2018

Los Angeles IOTA Meetup — Jul 2018

Crypto Salon — Jul 2018

Inland Empire area Burstcoin Crypto 2.0 community Meetup — Jul 2018

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)- Deal Makers — Aug 2018

China CryptoCurrency Business Opportunity and Tech Meetup — Aug 2018

CryptoCurvy — Aug 2018

BitClub Network Southern California — Aug 2018

Bitcoin Blockchain Technology — Aug 2018

Bit-Social LA — Sept 2018

BTC Blockchain, Tea and Conversations — Sept 2018

I suspect a similar list for New York or San Francisco would be longer. The year is not over yet. But at the grass roots level, this does not look good for crypto. Are some of you regretting the coins you bought at ICOs?

Check out This site lists some 700 defunct coins. From scams to where products were made but died out of lack of interest.

Remember this. The proponents of crypto keep saying much is happening and everything is changing. So far the evidence is otherwise.

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