You are thinking of getting a linket and you want to know what you can write in a linket? Here are some examples and rules. This is a linket:
  • [Jill’s Café]
There are 4 differences between this and a domain name, URL or hashtag.
  1. Uppercase and lowercase characters.
  2. white space
  3. apostrophe
  4. non-ascii characters. The accent over the e.
Some Rules:
  1. The left and right square brackets are the delimiters, like the # in a hashtag. Having 2 delimiters allows whitespace.
  2. A linket can be written in any human language. You are not restricted to the Roman alphabet.
  3. A linket can be between 3 and 64 characters inclusive.
Most rules protect your investment if you get a linket. Suppose you own the above linket. You own all case variants, like:
  • [Jill’s café] . or . [JILL’S café] . or . [Jill’s Café] . or . [Jill’S cAfÉ]
You do not have to get all case variants of your linket. If it has 6 letters, for example, then there are 2**6 = 64 case combinations. You own all these. Of course, the linket can have characters in languages without case, like Arabic, Hebrew, Devanagari (Hindi). Another rule is that leading and trailing whitespaces are removed. So [ Jill’s Café ] has 1 leading whitespace and 2 trailing whitespaces. But if this is submitted to us as a candidate linket, we trim it to [Jill’s Café]. If you own [Jill’s Café], this policy prevents someone glomming your brand by trivially adding whitespace at the front or back. A related rule is that internal whitespace can only be 1 whitespace long at a time. This linket [Tim the Fastest] has 3 whitespaces after Tim and 2 whitespaces after the. The linket is converted to [Tim the Fastest]. This stops someone using your linket and simply stuffing a few more whitespaces next to yours and trying to get a linket like yours, to fool your users. Several characters are prohibited inside a linket:
  1. The brackets – (, ), <, >, [, ].
  2. Comma, semi-colon.
  3. backslash ‘\’.
  4. Tilde ‘~’. But note that a tilde as part of the Spanish n is permitted.
  5. Pipe ‘|’.
  6. single and double quotes.
Special Characters that are allowed:
  1. A hashtag is allowed. This is valid – [#hulloeveryone]
  2. The ‘@’ is allowed. An email address can be a linket – []
  3. A URL is valid – []