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a) Linket is different from a domain. The value of a domain is in webpages for the browser. Globally on cellphones, 80% of the time is spent in apps and 20% in a browser. Compared to PCs, a domain has little use in mobile apps.  Linket is for a mobile app to link to another app. And for a webpage to link to an app.

b)  A linket is owned by you.  It is outside any app. Suppose you sell on eBay. You make a nickname (“handle”) that is your brand. But if eBay later kicks you off, you lose your brand. They own it. All your investment in promoting your brand is lost. With linket, you own it. eBay and any app firm does not own it.

c) You tell us what app to connect your linket to. In general, that app is made by another firm. You don’t have the cost of making the app. Different from owning a domain and wanting to put webpages on it. You have to pay someone to make those pages.

d) Linket is mobile squared. It is for mobile devices. And you can change what app to connect to, if you find another app you like better.