Linket has 11,000 Users in 49 languages

Notice that the Swahili and Zhosa linkets are written in Roman letters. This reflects the colonial history of Africa. The European imperialists imposed the Roman alphabet. So even after independence, the countries wrote their regional languages in that alphabet.

Linket has 10,000 Users in 46 languages

In the above, the Nepali linket might look to be in Hindi. But remember that Hindi is written in the Devanagari alphabet. Nepali uses the same alphabet, much like the western European languages use Roman. Likewise the Pushto linket might seem to have portions written in Arabic. But the Arabic language is written in the Arabic alphabet. Other languages, like Farsi and Pushto, use the Arabic alphabet as the underlying alphabet.

Linket strives for global reach, to have brands in every language.

US Patent “Hashtag, deep link and linket”

The patent is useful in showing how the website can show more effective ads. If the website is seen in a mobile phone browser, the UX is better via a mobile app than a webpage.

The patent is the 3rd patent for the firm.

Linket adds Georgian = 38th Language

As the reader can tell, these particular linkets have the occupation in English and the person’s name in Georgian. While these are strictly bilingual, we classify them as Georgian. In general we follow this policy for linkets that are bilingual in English and another language. Linket strives to be globally inclusive in brands and cultures.

Linket has 9000 users

Second Revenue

Linket has 7000 users

Linket has 6000 users

Linket gets 3rd Patent

The interactive aspect of engaging with another person in real time can increase the efficacy of the original ad.

First Revenue

This is an important step in making the firm operational. Linket expects to conduct such workshops on a regular basis.

Linket has 4000 owners

The linkets can be perused in the Registry on Linket’s website. You can search for the names of linkets or owners. The Registry shows that most linkets have whitespace and upper and lower case characters. As well as being in Unicode, so linkets can be written in Chinese or Hindi, for example. Linkets are more readable than domains or URLs, which are restricted to ASCII characters and which prohibit whitespace.

Unicode puts all languages equal. Unlike domains with a legacy burden of being restricted to Roman. This is germane because linkets are meant for interactions between mobile users. In the developing world the mobile phone is the most common personal computer. And China and India are massive markets where being able to see a brand in Chinese or Urdu (eg [وی گارڈ] aka [We Guard]) or Tamil (eg [ஆபரணம்] aka [Jewelry]) greatly adds to the value of the brand. And even for languages written in Roman, there are extra symbols that do not appear in domains. Consider the Spanish tilde, the French acute and the German umlaut. A linket can easily have any of these symbols. Countries and cultures push back against a linguistically dominant English by using linkets.

The Registry shows that many linkets give the profession and name of the owner, like [Accountant Yang] and
[Analyst Guo], while others are the name of a firm, like [AskBitcoiner]. Some linkets are just the name of the owner, like [Ирина Коваленко]   aka   [Irina Kovalenko].

The Registry is similar to a combination of Verisign and whois, to show whether a given linket exists or not. It also maps a linket to an app picked by the owner, and sends this map to cellphones.

Linket signs MOU with FitFreq

FitFreq uses Linket’s patented technology for enhanced functionality. FitFreq can segment its client base into users and trainers. A trainer gets a professional brand (“linket”) from Linket. The linket is akin to a domain name. A person finds and signs up with the trainer via the linket. The person downloads the FitFreq app without manually searching the app store. This increases use of the app for a live social network.

The trainer is in a different place from the person. He makes an income by having customers use the app. He undercuts fees charged by a fitness center for a personal trainer. His incentive to promote his linket brand increases use of FitFreq.

Linket benefits by having FitFreq design an app that can be accessed from Linket’s brand registry database. This increases the number of apps that use linkets, where the apps are made by independent firms.

Linket Offers a 3 hour Workshop on the Patenting Process and Blockchain Patenting Issues

Linket offers a 3 hour workshop. The speaker, Wes Boudville founder of Linket, is a full time inventor with 11 US patents that he wrote and filed himself. He will offer detailed step-by-step advice about how to write your patent application. The first 2 hours will cover filing an application on any topic. The last hour will focus on blockchain specific issues. The Workshop will be held at 418 Bamboo Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90012 on Saturday, June 9, 2018 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT. Tickets are $90; available through EventBrite.

Linket Patent Pending Leverages Blockchain for Location Verification and Notary Services

Linket founder ranked 6th in global list of influential blockchain patenters – higher than Amazon!

  • Overland Storage (US)
  • Sony (JP)
  • Masterlock (US)
  • Qualcomm (US)
  • Cloudera (US)
  • Wes Boudville (AU)
  • Security First (US)
  • Coinbase (US)
  • UPS (US)
  • Amazon (US)
Linket founder Boudville was the only individual, ranking 6th in a list dominated by giant firms. Ahead of Amazon ! The article is important to Linket. It is an independent validation of the usefulness of Linket’s technology. Linket’s 2 US patents are verdicts of the US government that those inventions are unique globally. Maxwell’s article reinforces the US patents.

Linket Gets a Second US Patent – to Help Apps Bypass Ad Blockers

Linket Obtains US Patent 9792101 for Blockchains and Mobile Uses

Interactions between the Linket owner and a user are stored in the blockchain. Producing verified social network data that can enhance the usefulness of Facebook and LinkedIn. The patent lets the blockchain be used to schedule events. A gig worker who owns a Linket can subcontract a gig to another worker who can verify details in the blockchain. The Linket owner can scale to a 365x24x7 business. A blockchain can have its own Linket brand. This anticipates when there are competing blockchains and branding becomes vital. Linket is independent of the mobile app that the linket uses. If the app goes out of business the Linket owner points it to another app. We protect the owner’s investment of time and money in the brand. A key distinction of our technology. Other apps that let users have brands have the drawback that the brands live only in those apps.

Linket CEO to speak at DevFest Los Angeles 2017 about branding and blockchains for mobile users

Linket is Allowed a Blockchain Patent for Mobile Phone Users