Use a linket instead of a domain.  



1. Shorter. Only 2 extra chars – [ and ].  Dot com TLD has 4 extra chars – dot and com. The shortest domains use country codes for TLD => 3 extra chars = dot + 2 for the country.


2. Linkets are in all languages. 

[España]         (Spanish)

[ محمود علي ]      (Arabic)

[Кулагин]       (Russian)

[सुनील मेहता]  (Hindi)

[顾问陈]           (Chinese).

Domains have English and Roman bias.


3. Tighter focus.
A TLD can be irrelevant to the brand. Like [Ramen]  compared to ramen.xyz.


4. White space => more readable brand.
[Top Player], not topplayer.com.


5. No US bias.
TLDs reserved for US = .edu,  .gov,  .mil.


Linket fights injustice. You want a domain, its owner wants $12,000! Only affordable to well funded startups.  Founders from historically disadvantaged origins raise less.


Instead get a linket like  [Hairbrush]  for $15.


First come. First served.


Linket looks for investors. Ask Dr Wes Boudville



LinketTM is a C Corporation in Delaware.