Linket Corp  focuses on the Metaverse. We  have 5 patents pending:


a)  “Offline links to online data”

           9 Sept 2021    17/300641                                              

The browser is the onramp to the Web. And the Web uses domains as branding. We offer a different way. Brands are written in hardcopy, as in a brochure or newspaper. These are scanned by a phone with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) into digital form. The latter now map to an URL, bypassing the now standard use of domains. Suppose a brochure has the hardcopy linket  [Vodka].  The phone scans it into the digital [Vodka]. The app on the phone maps the latter to any URL it has in its database. So [Vodka] does not have to go to, which is an existing and expensive domain.


b)   “Verifying the Metaverse” 

            2 Nov 2021  17/300770


c)   “Ghost spiders and zombie avatars of the Metaverse” 

            20 Jan 2022   17/803238


d)   “Metaverse room interacting with a search engine”   

           28 Feb 2022  17/803127


e)   “Metaverse avatar wearing a clickable link”   

           21 Mar 2022   17/803218


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LinketTM is a C Corporation in Delaware.