Using Linkets


The above link shows demo linkets. To be clicked by anyone; you don’t need to own a linket. Click  [Candies]. You get a page for some real candy site.

Suppose you sell flowers. You want the domain If you visit the domain, it redirects to The latter is a well known US firm. It has that domain under its own name, and gets traffic from visitors attracted to its brand. There is another group of buyers who don’t care which seller they go to. They are likely to just look for the generic Hence the firm bought the latter domain and pointed it to This is multchannel marketing, using a generic brand.

You cannot get So you buy [Flowers] and want to use that as your brand. You want  to point it to your own flower selling site.  You buy a cheap domain, like directly from a domain Registrar. You buy it for the default and cheap price (eg $12/year). Whereas if you want a flower domain already owned by someone, they might want $thousands.  With, you make your own pages, using whatever website editor you wish. (WordPress, Wix and Weebly are examples.)  See this  example of a flower selling site:

See the yellow  [flowers]  label at the top of the page. Pretend that is your linket.  You promote [flowers], not which appears in the address bar. But currently  [flowers] does not go to

Write your linket at the top of your home page, as a label, under the address bar. Consider doing so on EVERY page of your site. This emphasizes the linket as your brand, and not the domain in the address bar URL.

You can even avoid the cost of getting a cheap domain. Wix lets you make webpages and a website (but they have to be done in Wix), parked at a subdomain of You avoid the domain cost and having to find (and pay for) an Internet address for your site.

Pointing a linket

Use the above link to change where your linket points.  In the page it points to, there are 3 input boxes. Type  [Flowers] in the first box. Type the password in the second box. Ask us ( for this password. In the third box, type  Press Update. 

This tells the database to  store the pair  ( [Flowers], ). Go back to the Sample Linkets page,  Press  [Flowers].  Now this button takes the user to

You want to promote  [Flowers].  At webpages outside your domain you write [flowers] as a clickable object, like a button having the label [Flowers]. (The SDK page gives details.)   When a user at that external page clicks the button, it takes her to the site with the label [Flowers].

You might ask,  at those outside pages, why not just put a standard URL pointing directly to  That way you don’t need to use any linket. Correct!  You bought because you could not afford But if you don’t use a linket then your brand is, not  [Flowers]. The choice is yours. If you buy a linket [Flowers] then you can use it as your brand. Or your brand is  Which is easier for customers to remember?

Warning! If you think you’ll just use as your brand,  beware. Customers have to remember the 123 part. They also have to remember the suffix. There are now 1000 Top Level Domains, each with its own suffix. A customer who remembers 123 but gets confused about the suffix might go to or There is a heavier mental load on her than  to remember  [Flowers].

Hang on!  This started because someone already owns  This actually happened. is owned by is for buyers who don’t care where they buy from. Whereas buyers to go directly to might want just that firm.

What can you do if  [Flowers] is taken?

One answer is the linket Registry is similar to the domain Registry. Only one owner of a brand at a time. First come first served. If you might need a given linket, do not tarry. Wait and someone else can get it.

The second answer is that unlike domains, linkets can be in any language. Look for the translation of flowers to another language appropriate for your region. Say you are in Russia, is largely irrelevant. They do not use Roman letters. Flowers translates to цветы. But you cannot get цветы.com. Domain rules and browser problems prohibit this at present. You can immediately get the linket  [цветы]. Why wait?


a) You want to sell flowers and cannot afford A competitor owns it.

b) You buy  [Flowers].

c) You buy a cheap domain and make a website.

d) You tell to point   [Flowers]  to It bypasses (your competitor).

e) You promote your linket to drive traffic to it. See SDK.

Example and Timing

We made an example site pointed to by  [ ਫੁੱਲ ].  This means flowers in Punjabi. The site is in Punjabi. The example was done to show how you can do a site in a language that does not use the Roman alphabet.

The process for creating the Punjab Flowers example:

1) Use to  add [ ਫੁੱਲ ]  to Linket database                   (5 minutes)   Ask us to do this.

2) You make a free Wix site (90 minutes)

using The speed depends on your familiarity with Wix. The demo site just has a few pages. A complex site can take much longer.

3) You redirect Linket [ ਫੁੱਲ ] to your Wix site using   (1 minute).

4)   Add [ ਫੁੱਲ ] to Sample Linkets page (5 minutes) – A Linket admin or editor does this on