Dr Wes Boudville

CEO, Founder

Inventor, 20 patents.  Cofounded Metaswarm for antispam. Founded Enteractv. At Los Alamos, he worked for Zweig, co-discoverer of quarks.  Wes has a Caltech physics PhD from Nobel Laureate Politzer and semiconductor guru Mead.


Kader Diagne

Founded Xpertim,  for  AI consulting services, product development and Platform Business Strategy. He was a research scientist and senior software engineer at the German Research Center for AI.  Founded a leading AI startup to develop products using machine learning and NLP for advanced customer service, analytics and information management.


Tina Angermeier

Chief Creative Officer

Tina has over 10 years experience in music, animation, and film production as artist, writer, musician, supervisor, and technical support. She created for Dreamworks, Warner, Disney, Universal and BFI. She developed live action and feature animation for major studios; sold her own IP. Co-founded a therapeutic arts program sponsored by the Tournament of Roses. Made marketing and promotional materials for major corporate product launches and broadcast campaigns and for indie artists and bands.



Dr Muriel Vernon


Cultural and medical anthropologist. Finds patterns of human thoughts and behaviors that underwrite human interaction with technology. Her current work focuses on cellular agriculture education and food technology innovation. PhD UCLA. Founded followthefuture.org.


George McKinney


Experienced Managing Partner in IT and services. Strong engineering professional skilled in Android Java, Node.js, MySQL/NoSQL, Zend PHP, JavaScript, and applications/frameworks including Magento, WordPress, Cordova/PhoneGap. Graduated Stanford, USC.



Christine McDannell

Christine is an entrepreneur and founder. In 15 years she started 8 companies and sold each in successful exits. Her core skill is identifying unmet needs and creating firms to fill the needs. She wrote a book, “The Coliving Code”, about her most recent venture. Billionaire Richard Branson graciously penned the introduction after being impressed with meeting her in person.

Bill Softky

Dr Bill Softky

Bill is a C-level advisor and consultant. He was Chief Algorithm Officer at TapCommerce, which was acquired by Twitter for $100m. He was CAO at Demdex, which was acquired by Adobe for $60m. He was Chief Algorithmist at Azoogle Ads. He was Principle Investigator at Redwood Neuroscience Institute.

Dr Gary Chow

Dr Gary Chow

Gary is Founder/CEO of Triumph Entertainment. A global music publishing & artist service company based in China. Previously, he was Managing Director of Baoneng Culture & Sports Division in Guangzhou. It is the leading live show and sports event facility in southern China. He was VP of Kaisa Culture and Sports Group. He has a PhD in Bioengineering from Caltech.

Surj Patel

Surj Patel

Surj is a technologist and entrepreneur. A consultant whose roles involve conceiving an idea, prototyping it, validating it against market situations and channel needs. He specialises in IoT and the industrial Internet. He is an advisor to several startups. He is a graduate of MIT Media Lab. He speaks Gujurati.

David Brin

Dr David Brin

David is a world-renowned science fiction author, with best selling books including his 6 volume Uplift series and Postman, which was made into an apocalyptic movie starring Kevin Costner. David is an inventor with a patent on social networking, and a futurist. He is also a regular public speaker. His astrophyiscs PhD is from UCSD.


Rudmeela Nawsheen

Rudmeela is the founder and CEO of ConfigVR and ConfigRbot, based in Silicon Valley, USA that specializes in robotics AR/VR and computer vision. They build immersive and interactive experience and also Robotics and AI solutions. She is also Director of Ranks Telecom, a Bangladesh telecom company. She speaks English and Bengali. She has over 10+years of experience. She did her undergrad in Electrical Engineering and graduated summa cum laude for her Masters in Digital Communication and Multimedia from San Jose State University. She actively works in both countries and has teams globally.



Adele du Tertre

Adele is the founder of AdT Gallery. Corporate Art Advisor to Deloite Touche International Headquarters.  She advised CEO and coordinated all aspects of an acquisition program. Strategic Associate for Annovest Development identifying private equity sourcing and private and institutional funds for select new technology companies in US and Europe.


Simone Nelson

Simone has over 20 years experience in the cultural, performing and media arts and with digital entertainment start-ups as a creative producer and PR, marketing and business development executive. She focuses on the intersection of entertainment arts, media technology (XR/esports), education & change making. She did brand expansion through engaging events, projects and multi-platform content development and distribution. She was an early lead producer for  The Last Black Man in San Francisco, a live producer for Branson’s Virgin Disruptors and is  Managing Director for the CSU Entertainment Alliance.

carl im

Dr Carl Im

Carl is CEO of Iolex, Hong Kong. It specialises in LegalTech. He is CTO and Advisor to Yulchon, Seoul. It deals with banking and tech. He is Founder and CEO of Solomon Strategic Computing. He is a Professor at Yonsai University. He speaks Korean and English and has 2 patents. His PhD physics is from Stanford.