Bypass a game watching platform  11,235,251

           A patent to bypass Twitch

Linket, esports and a theme park  11,219,823

          Patent:  AR+theme park+game for the Metaverse

Linket, esports and a theme park  10,857,456

A patent for a new esports

Augmented Reality & esports in a theme park

Bots for linkets and deep links 10,798,306

Bots help mobile users interact with others

Mobile maps connected to augmented reality games via linket 10,673,924

Lyft, Uber and AR games

Digital assistant interacting with mobile devices 10,672,066

Alexa, Siri and mobile gaming

Amazon Alexa nears our Patent

Drone interacting with a stranger having a cellphone 10,625,854

Drone controlled by a stranger with a phone

App social network of linket and deep link users 10,565,269

A verified social network unlike Facebook or LinkedIn

App streaming, bidirectional linket, phone number for mobile deep links 10,503,533

Arrange streaming apps for faster performance

Blockchain and deep link for mobile apps  10,346,826

Hashtag, deep link and linket for more user interactions 10,042,946

Browser Ads going to mobile Apps

Cookies and anti-ad blocker using deep links in mobile apps 9,838,458

Bypass an ad blocker

Capacity and automated de-install of linket mobile apps with deep links 9,792,101

Offshoring with mobile apps

Mobile photo sharing via barcode, sound or collision 9,679,072

Easy mobile photo sharing

Barcode-based methods to enhance mobile multiplayer games 9,339,733

Esports and mobile multiplayer games


Contextual ads for esports fans         16/602,967

Theme parks, esports and portals     16/501,305

Offline links to online data                 17/300,641

Verifying the Metaverse                        17/300,770